3 wheels, 2 kids, 1 dad

if my digital camera worked this would be so much more interesting.

 Before moving back to St. Paul I had a chance to work on a 3 wheel pedi-cab contraption with my friend Jesse.  It started when I found a BMX frame and 2 sets of wheels on the side of the road outside of Fergus Falls with a free sign on them.  Free is good.  Except for haircuts.  And so I squeezed it into the backseat with Lydia and we took it home.  I got a bunch of pictures of various 3 wheel bikes off this here internet and went over to Jesse€™s house €“ home of scrap metal, industrial tools, and welding rods.  Over the course of the next few weeks we€™d get together on the off night and work on it a bit.  Or at least go fishing and talk about working on it.  Anyways, the day before we moved we finally got it done.  To try it out Jesse got his wife and I took them for a ride up and down the highway.  It was about 11pm, no clouds, full moon.  A downright beautiful night.  Jesse€™s comment was, €œNate, this would be more romantic if you weren€™t breathing so hard down our necks.€  Note to self, bring Altoids next time.
After the initial ride we decided the seat tube was too short so Jesse made a new one, but I didn€™t have a chance to put it on until last Thursday.  Generally speaking Thursday€™s are long parenting days for me, Jodi€™s out of the house by 7:30am, hopefully is home for a few hours in the afternoon, and then off to night class and gets back around 9:45pm.  So last Thursday Jodi got home around 3 and I headed out to the garage for a little nate time.  Half an hour later I had the seat on, the brakes adjusted, and chain tensioned.  Now all I needed was kids!  So, much to Jodi€™s surprise, I ran in the house looking for Lydia and her friend to see if they wanted a ride.  For the next 2 ½ hours I gave rides around the block to a half dozen kids and it was great.  Until Jodi stuck her head out back and called us in for supper because she had to get going.  At which point I kicked myself.  I totally squandered what would€™ve been 3 kid free hours.  I spent the next four hours deciding whether or not it was worth it.  Survey says, Worth It.

Posted: November 7th, 2007
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