A Biking First

The weather outside really is frightful.  That makes life inside frightful too.  I hate being cooped up. 

I always ride my bike to the music class I teach on tuesday mornings.  Usually I have a trailer with kids and/or instruments.  It’s less than half a mile away so it’s really no big deal – in fact I think it’s easier than driving.

Last week was a little dicie.  We had a ton of snow and to the best of our knowledge the city of St. Paul had hired one guy with a four wheeler and a plow attachment to take care of the entire city.  At least that was Jodi’s take on things.  She’s usually right so I believe her.  Anyways, it was nuts riding a bike let alone pulling a trailer through the sludge.  Lot’s of spinning out and fishtailing and precarious starts.  But I made it.

So this morning even though it was 8 below before the windchill I thought I’d bike again.  Good news – clear streets.  Bad news – freaking cold.  Once back when I was single and didn’t own a car and bike everywhere I actually had the condensation from my exhalation freeze one of my eyelids shut.  That was wierd.  But today I had a first.  The condensation from my exhalation (I just like typing that phrase) actually froze my goatee to my scarf.  Then everytime I moved my head it was like having someone yank hairs off my chin.  Kind of like when facial hair gets stuck in a harmonica holder.  Totally bizarre.  Totally painful.

And I’m totally driving to the 400 bar tonight.  Hope you are too!


Posted: December 16th, 2008
Categories: bike
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