In Defense of Corporate Giants

Okay, I’m a little preachy.  So let me say a few kind words for the conglomerates. 

One thing I love about the big boxes is the free rental plan.  Examples:

Somebody I knew was doing a little bathroom remodeling with PEX.  PEX is cheap and easy to work with if you have the 95 dollar crimping tool.  But what this person found out was if you held on to the reciept Menards would view it as less of a purchase and more as a borrowing and when I was done… I mean when that somebody was done they were able to return the tool and get their money back.  Not unlike borrowing my neighbor’s edger.  It only makes me like them more.

Another somebody I traveled with once got tired of lugging 6 saw horses in the back of his truck from AZ to CA and back.  So, since we were done with them in CA we stopped by Home Depot and returned them.  He returned them without a reciept.  You tend to lose reciepts after 8 months of use.  No questions asked.  Thank you Home Depot!

And my favorite are the two folks I know who have purchased thousands of dollars of gear at Guitar Center for gigs and returned it the next day.  One was a huge amp, the other was huge drum set.  Way to support starving artists.

So thank you corporations, we’ll remain anonymous if you do!

Posted: April 8th, 2009
Categories: diy
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