no tree? no prob.

If you don’t have a christmas tree by now you have 3 options.

– don’t get one

-buy one from a lot.  merry christmas charlie brown.

-make one.

Sure you could make up more options, but it’s christmas who’s got time for that?

Our family has usually gone with option two.  In a somewhat intentional way we’ve tried to put off Christmas till after Advent, you know when Christmas comes.  The years we’ve got an early start on Christmas and put up decorations and all that during early December we’re really sick of them by the time Christmas comes.  In fact last year while living in ottertail county we got carried away and cut down a tree (legally) barely got it on top of the car (it was huge) and had to cut parts of it off to fit it into the house.  It was a bit over the top.  We spent Christmas Day taking down all our decorations.  Partly because we were sick of them and the tree was taking up a ton of room, and partly because when we’re both home for the day we usually start getting rid of stuff.

Anyways, unlike her parents our eldest and wisest loves glamour and glitz.  She’s got more glitter that Mariah Carey.  So one day a few short weeks ago I conceded it was time to put up a tree.  But I didn’t want to spend any money.  (not unusual) Nor did I care to clean up pine needles.  So we made our own.  I was going to make an step by step instructable, but I forgot to take any pictures till it was done.  So here’s what we started with:


2 tomato cages, some wierd grid of wire i found in the garage, zip ties.

the wire became the trunk, the tomato cages were stacked together and zipped, then covored with ornamentation. 


in reality it looks a lot more vertical.

voila, no mess, no money spent, small footprint, plenty of places to hang crap, and in 5 days I can throw it back in the garage!  what more could you ask for?

Merry Christmas one and all.

Posted: December 20th, 2007
Categories: diy, family
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