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Things I’ve learned/known/come to accept about blogs/blogging

Pictures are helpful.  When a blog has a picture I’m drawn in.  When it doesn’t I say to myself, “What is this, my blog?”

In an effort to draw you in visually, here’s a photo.

That’s Russel MunsonMicah Taylor took that shot.  That’s where I spent many mondays, drank way too much (or not enough) coffee, and recorded Becoming Liturgy.

Here’s another thing I’ve learned.  A regular well written blog is way better than an irregular blog, well written or not.  My wife has a once a week blog for her church.  It’s short, well written, and is updated once a week.  Perfect.  See for yourself http://humblewalkchurch.org/blog/

And I’ve learned this.  Reading people’s apologies/excuses for not blogging is annoying.  It’s like people calling to say they’re running late.  If you’re supposed to be at my house at 6 and it’s 6:05 chances are I’ve already put two and two together. I’m not a total idiot.  (note to self: disable comments).  Likewise, if I go to Nate Houge dot com and it’s a lame blog about being busy and not having a chance to blog my response is likely going to be, “Stop wasting your time blogging this drivel, go get your stuff done, and then give me decent blog to read.”

What else have I learned?  Well I believe Jeremy Myers said it along these lines ‘Never has so much been written with such lofty aspirations for so little a readership.’ What does this mean?  Well, I should fear, love, and trust that my readership is more like a house concert and less like first ave.  Moving into a living room is a good thing.  It’s cleaner.  Drinks are cheaper.  Parking’s better.  I don’t have to pee in a trough.

I know I’ve learned other things too.  But like much of my education it just didn’t stick. 

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll have a great blog next monday.  Or just another picture of Russel.  It got you this far didn’t it?

Posted: October 26th, 2009
Categories: diy
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