also had to work on…

i love klosterman right? but i totally skipped fargo rock city.  so i read it.  that was more work than i expected.  i’ve had to downshift the relationship to ‘just friends’ it’s not me, it’s just that he’s real complicated right now.  or he was when he wrote that.  or maybe not complicated enough.  plus i hate 80’s metal and i have no connection to the 80’s as americans know them.  this is where i play my ‘grew up in africa’ card.

oh – and my dad just visited medina, liberia (where i grew up) for the first time since we flew the coop due to coup in 90.  it hasn’t really sunk in yet how profoundly cool that is and what it might mean to me to visit my old home.  maybe that’s my job for my 30’s.  or maybe i should go back to school. again. and still not have a degree.  the world is full of possibility.

i bet chuck loves the shins.

Posted: March 29th, 2007
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