busy and cold and grumpy

sometimes, sitting inside as the snow blows over the frozen lake, i no longer want to play with puppies and markers and things that make messes, i want to go upstairs and complete things with deadlines before the deadlines come, and sometimes i get grumpy, and i wish that wasn’t who i was but it is who i am, and so i dress warmly and try to avoid cd’s by damien jurado and opt for happier offerings of the weepies only to realize that the weepies are really just another damien jurado but the difference is that damien’s longing and emptiness is best filled with whiskey -even though say he’s just one big god shaped hole- and the weepies’ longing and emptiness is best filled with that feeling you have when you remember all your happiest high school days and the moments that play back like ethan hawk showing up at the end of reality bites and that’s when the busy and cold and grumpy self gives way to a fresh pot of coffee and the resolution that maybe today is the day you will shower and get out of your pajamas and although i’m still in my pajamas i do plan on changing them after supper and wearing a clean pair to bed.

Posted: January 20th, 2007
Categories: fact
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