Everybody loves a nut.

When people think of Nathan Houge there€™s one word that inevitably comes to mind.  Nut.  More specifically Sports Nut. (Sport being the inevitable second word that follows Nut but in a predecessorory way.)  So it will come as no surprise to any of you that last night it was my extreme (more than words) joy and delight to take Lydia and five of our nearest and dearest young adults from church to the Redhawk€™s game in Fargo ND.
And wow.  What a game.
It was explained to me after the game that we lost.  But even so I feel like in some small way we won.  Yes we declared victory by eating the foot long hot dog, by cheering, and even by doing the actions to YMCA in the face of section K€™s ambivalence to the Village People.  Don€™t like the VP?  Well it takes a village to raise a child.  And those children grow up to play ball.  Chew on that fellow minor league sports enthusiasts. 
Of course Lydia€™s highlight was the cotton candy.  She ate about 3 dollars worth.  Which in a movie theater would be about two tablespoons worth, but here at the minor league Mecca was a bag of spun sugar equivalent to half the size of Lydia€™s almost 4 year old body.  I told a fellow adult, €œShe won€™t be asleep to midnight.€  Fellow adult (who goes by Karen) replied, €œMidnight?  Try Thursday.€  Side note €“ she was asleep by 11:45.  (Lydia, not Karen €“ if Karen would€™ve fallen asleep at 11:45 a car load of kids would be in a ditch somewhere near Elizabeth)
We got home at midnight.  I carried a sugar-laden child to bed.  Baseball rulz.
Play ball.

Posted: June 20th, 2007
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