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my last post came courtesy of the public library and the kind grandma that cooed and chortled for elsa while i wrote.  I should’ve got her name and sent her a gift basket – which i’ve been told is the origianl im.  this e-mail comes courtesy of jodi’s mom who is in fact elsa’s real grandma and who i offered to buy coffee for but somehow had my coffee bought for me instead.  sign of a real grandma.

I had two church gigs this last week (i’m trying, but i can’t think of any dorkier pairing of words than, ‘church gig’) and though one was so-so and the other was all right.  actually one of them sucked and the other was a step above all right and in relationship to the other one was freakin’ awesome.  My conclusion: after the next 4 church shizows (better than gig?) i have in the next 2 months I’m going on a performing at church sabbatical.  I really love the church (maybe that’s why i’m so critical of it) and i write a ton of stuff that is church appropriate but I’m sick of personalities in front of the congregation.  I’m going to try and figure out what exactly it is, but whenever i go/participate in ‘cool’ church services/events i leave in a pissy melancholy mood.  So once again, church has become detrimental to my faith development.  Which is kind of special needs as it is.  My faith rides the short bus.

Posted: October 16th, 2007
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