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so J. Rimbo and i were chatting and giving each other a hard time for not blogging and so here i am to blogship, here i am blog down, here i am to say that you’re my blog…

The folks at AFP did a bang up job on the cranberry hymnal – i love it.  I’m not sure why we still use bulletins when we’ve got something as spiffy as this.  The church I currently attend has been wading into the pools of power point and I wish them all the best, but really I love hymnals.  I’m not entirely against power point, if it’s done well.  But nobody does it well.  Again, if you’ve got power point who needs bulletins?  I want a church that can exist bulleting free.  that’s what i want.

I picked up the book at the library about not buying anything for a year (it’s not handy and i’ve got to hurry down to supper so no time to get the title right) i hope i like it and it doesn’t make me hate the left.  i hope i don’t approach it like the cynic i am, but more like the idealist i was.

here’s to hope.

Posted: May 29th, 2007
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