Rachel Kurtz Band rides again

So, friday morning I’m in the car by 6 a.m. on my way to La Crosse Wisconsin to play in the Rachel Kurtz band.  Jodi’s still asleep when I leave, I pass a cop in Battle Lake, the stars are still out, and around 7 I stop in Alexandria for a coffee at Caribou.  I make good time, pick up Micah Taylor and his bass in Minneapolis and we head over to Luther seminary to drop off some stuff for a friend and then to goodwill to drop off some stuff for good.  Over to Edina for breakfast with fellow musician and stay at home dad Jonathan Rundman and then a stop off at Ikea and finally our St. Paul home to drop off some co2 detectors for our renters.  It’s now about Noon.  Micah and I head out to La Crosse – my brother in law’s family lives there, and if we make good time we can catch my nieces school play.  and we do make it in time and it’s true, she’s the most talented third grader alive.  Follow that with a fish fry and a cup of coffee and finally, around 7 pm we arrive for soundcheck on the UWL campus.  The next day we’ll be playing music during an intergenerational event featuring Nathan Dungan.  The soundcheck goes smooth – especially considering all the junk I brought along – lap steel, tele, mandolin and banjo.  We followed soundcheck with a trip to TGI Fridays and if you just clicked on that link than you know how I feel.  that places sucks – this is the second time i’ve been to one, and sure enough as i told myself 8 years ago following my first trip there, I will never go there again.  you couldn’t pay me to go there.  Hate it.  So after an hour of waiting for Micah’s ice cream sunday to arrive we ditch the place and go next door to culvers.  It had just closed.  Why we didn’t go to Culver’s in the first place is really the question.  Culver’s is always good.  TGI freakin’ Friday’s is always bad.  Remember that children.

Back to the Microtel we’re staying at and to bed (following Conan).  The next morning we got up headed downstairs to experience all that is the micronental breakfast, and off for a day of rock and roll.

I love playing in the Rachel Kurtz band – I really do.  You should all buy her CD’s and make her rich so that she can do all her touring with a band that includes me.  You’d make my day.  The music went great, was well recieved and all that, the speaker, Nathan, was unbelievably good.  Really, go over to his site and check him out.  www.sharesavespend.com 

I went to one of the break out sessions and ended up in a group with Bishop April Larson which was pretty great – she’s stellar and then some.  We played some more music and finally at 4:30 it was time to get back on the road.  We had a smooth ride back to minneapolis where we found it to be about 500 degrees colder than the day before.  After dropping Micah off I headed west on I-94.  I stopped in Alexandria for a coffee.  Saw a shooting star.  Passed a cop in Battle Lake, and around 11:30 was back in bed, Jodi was asleep.  Pretty full circle, eh?

Posted: January 28th, 2007
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