single speed

jodi and elsa are in moorhead overnight at the super exciting synod convention.  Lydia and I were left behind and I cannot believe how easy single parenting of a single child has become.  Sadly, I’m probably not the one that needs the break, but grateful still I carry on, baking bread (first batch of sourdough) and brewing beer (dunk day dunkelweizen for elsa’s impending baptism).  I also had the forgotten joy of cleaning the house without a baby in one arm.  Sweet.

And the upcoming week is great.  My folks will be in town for a few days, we’re buying a mini-van, and swimming lessons continue for my fear(less/ful) soon to be 4 year old.

And tonight there will be no urping on my half asleep shoulder by a totally awake 6 week old.  I love her, don’t get me wrong, but I like sleep and I’m finally caught up on the laundry so I can go to church not smelling like baby bile. PTL.

Posted: June 9th, 2007
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