snowboarding summary – master shredder.

I ate the snow don’t hate the snow

we are not the snow

not cold jello

we are not cold jello or any sort of parasite

I sleep the floor and eat galore

your cheese is not my indicator your cheese belays the hope of yiddles and skittles and little round pieces of purple nonsense drifiting off

sedate the snow berate the snow below the snow i heard you wuloop and tulu and thought the dance was familiar but my feet were rakes and leaves were not you

but if you were the mozzarella cries your liberation

yes my rakish delight I sukoodle your rizzlebang and lulup your pazalglat (but that could’ve been a cardboard square of toffee or something similar like yellow)


Posted: February 19th, 2007
Categories: fact
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