tomorrow i'm in the 30's

this is it.  my last day as a 29 year old. tommorrow’s my golden birthday.  30 on 30.  I thought turning 30 would be more monumental or thought provoking or introspective.  I’m guessing once I’m in my 30’s it’ll hit me – i’ll keep you posted.  I think I should be entering my first mid life crisis, but since i can’t make heads or tails (although I can make tales) of my vocation I have nothing to be in crisis about.  Which is crisis in itself. 

Here’s what I’m looking forward to on my birthday: I’m going to have bacon and buttermilk pancakes for breakfast.  I’ll pick up high school youth in the afternoon and drive to the cities to the NW MN Synod youth gathering in St. Paul.  We’ll have supper at pizza luce on selby at around 5:30 (you’re all invited) I’ll see if they’ll give me something free or maybe all the tattoed pierced punks will sing a cool luce style birthday song to me and the cooks will bang on pans and stuff.  We’ll gather with youth in st. paul and sing the same singalongs that i sang when i was a youth and i’ll feel just as dumb doing the hand motions as I did then, but now I can do them with gusto and embarass the high school boys that are standing next to me which is a bonus.  I may even lift my hands to the ceiling/God when we sing the quiet songs.  Then we’ll stay up till past my birthday watching the food channel or VH1.  That’s my birthday.  Maybe I should be a little more bummed about spending my 30th with high school kids but really I love youth gatherings (as long as I’m a chaperone and not a performer) so even though a part of me thinks its a bit ‘kick a guy when he’s down’ I’m for the most part happy to spend my day in the company of people that laugh when I fart.

Plus I’m making up for it by partying hard tonight.  Me, the 3 year old, and the pregnant lady are livin’ la vida loca.  Taco’s for supper, the kid got to drink root beer, and we all had newman-o’s for dessert.  Then I took the party on the road for a little BS (that’s bible study to you youngins out there) at church.  Now I’m back and shorties going to sleep, prego’s folding laundry and I’m blogging my little fingers out.  Par-tay!  Oh – and once shorties fast asleep, we’re watching lost so don’t go thinking this parties even close to stopping anytime soon.  And the best part – I kicked off the party earlier by putting on the Lemonheads ‘It’s a shame about ray’ and when ‘rockin’ stroll’ came on the 3 year old ran into the kitchen where I was browning the taco meat and started pogo-ing.  It was the highlight of my day.  She love’s Julianna era Lemonheads and it shows! 

And tomorrow when the hormone filled ballroom starts singing yes lord yes lord yes lord etc… I can show off my mad pogo skills I picked up from my daughter and the high school kids will know that you can be 30 and still be cool.  And if there’s still any doubt in their desperately wanting to fit in brains, I’ll let one rip.  That’s what I call confirmation.

and remember kids, ‘gluek it, or ticket’


Posted: March 29th, 2007
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