work at home/stay at home/stuck at home

it’s true that i’m a stay at home dad.  it’s also true that my wife goes to luther seminary and is on her full time (6 days a week as recommended by our health conscious church body) internship.  You may ask yourself how does a stay at home dad and a full time student make ends meet?  Well folks, I work from home. 

and it kinda sucks because everyday is take your daughters to work day.  this would suck less if i weren’t so anti-child labour and what not.  but i am.  it would also suck less if i could multi-task.  but I can’t.  what i usually end up doing is being a half-assed dad who’s mind is constantly wandering from the coloring/painting/diapering/animalplaying task at hand and trying to figure out what to do as soon as the family falls asleep or plays with tired mom when she gets home.  and then, because i suck at multi-tasking, my mind goes back to all the ways i could’ve been a more focused dad during the day and i find myself looking for a way to clear my head.

this morning jodi took the two girls grocery shopping and i recieved 3 hours of quiet house.  it was the best morning of my life.  I tinkered on my single-speed, changing the chain ring and obtaining a much more satisfying gearing.  rode for 10 miles. got home. cleaned house. cleaned body. had a beer (it was noon by this time and that makes it okay.  especially if its the best morning of your life.) and listened to ryan adams while making lunch for the ladies.  I didn’t get any work done.  and it was awesome and it totally cleared my head. 

and then i went back to being a half-assed dad – although i will say in my favor that jodi and lydia took off again for an hour and elsa took the most bottle feeding she’s ever taken and was altogether content for the most part in her mother’s absence, which makes me feel like a more whole-assed dad which is every half-assed dad’s goal i imagine.

and now i hear her again.  and i finally downloaded the season finale of lost.  so i’ll go downstairs, rock the kid, and whatch lost with jodi.  and that will bring a semblance of normalcy to the somewhat shocking state of being a parent of two beautiful girls.

Posted: May 30th, 2007
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