I am not a morning person.  I was never really a sleep in person either though.  My ideal morning would be to wake up around 8, drink coffee, read and write, go for some sort of exercise around 9.  Come back, have a cup of coffee while I do a little stretching, take a shower and then around 10:30 have my first social interaction of the day.

Unfortunately the rest of my family refuses to sleep in till 10:30 am every morning.  In fact it just so happens the least self sufficient member of our family woke up at 5:30 this morning.  Punk.  Ours is the type of house that even though I handed her off to Jodi at 5:32 (that’s right I gave it a quality 2 minutes before crying mercy) there is no more sleeping.  There’s just no where to escape the hub bub of an alert toddler.  So now it’s 10am and I’m tired.  The wee one is just fine.  She fell asleep mid diaper change.  Punk.

Posted: October 9th, 2008
Categories: family
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