saturday was music day


Here are a few shots taken by Mercy Ward from the Saturday show at Gingko in St. Paul.  The kids were great, and sometime during the second song my daughter decided that the kids should be on stage too, so for the next 40 minutes I shared the stage with the kids and in fact ended with all the kids on the stage and me looking up at them from the little chair section.  As is not uncommon when my eldest is present she asked to do a song too.  And shed did.  And it was great. That’s the beauty of a smaller show.  Thanks all who came.

Later that day I went with my friend Steve down to the Triple Rock for Aviette’s CD release.  We got there just as the Glad Version took the stage.  I’ve seen their name around a bit so I was thrilled to hear them live and even more thrilled to find out they are amazing!  The Alarmists followed and did a great job – another band that I’ve been wanting to see, and then Aviette took the stage and were at the top of their game.  I’ve known the band since inception – in fact in an earlier line up they played as Maelee Whitman and I played guitar for one of their Fine Line shows and got to play mandolin on one of their releases.  Having seen a band work so hard and do so much time in little bars and coffee shops over the years I was thrilled to watch them play to a packed house in a cool club on a saturday night in mpls.  Good job!  I told my wife the next day it reminded me of the Lucinda Williams line in passionate kisses ‘is it too much to demand? I want a full house and a rock and roll band’  What local band hasn’t felt that way?  It feels great to be part of a scene where your friends get to play that show.

Go see some music.

Posted: July 2nd, 2008
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