Smart Kids

Elsa, age 1.  New Skill:  I say, “Elsa put that in the garbage.”  She takes said object, walks to the kitchen, opens the cupboard under the sink, puts it in the trash, closes the cupboard, and comes back smiling.

Lydia, age 5.  a.k.a. Word girl.  This morning she started writing letters.  Spelling out friends’ names, drawing pictures, signing her name, putting it in an envelope and delivering it to her friends.  At breakfast, after writing a letter to her friend Mirka, she says, “Mom what do you call people that write to each other back and forth and stuff?”

“Pen Pals.”

Word Girl says, “I think my friendship has altered.  Now Mirka and I are going to be pen pals.”

Altered.  The word is Altered.

Meanwhile I was picking lint out of my bellybutton and staring into space.  I swear any day now people are gonna start asking if they were adopted. 

Posted: August 14th, 2008
Categories: family
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