Thanksgiving Revisited

Thanksgiving 2007


The Wheel. I am thankful for the Wheel.


Yes, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful but it’s also a time for tragedy. It was on this joyous occasion on which we celebrate the sacrificial turkey that our dear pet loving Lydia discovered that her beloved goldfish were dead. Goldfish aren’t supposed to die on thanksgiving. And to their credit they didn’t die on thanksgiving. Jodi had made the discovery 5 days ago. And even then who knows how long they had been dead prior to that. Goldfish aren’t exactly the most attention demanding vertebrates. One indication is that Lydia never referred to them with the same name twice. I think that’s an indicator of owner negligence. But then again I can’t keep the names of the three girls in this house straight either. Although, to my credit, I always get it right within three guesses. Unless Lydia has a friend over.


sidenote – my wife is watching a movie as we speak and in the movies childcare is never an issue. movies suck.


So a moment of silence for the goldfish. Whatever their names were. We miss them.


Yes, Thanksgiving is a time for tragedy, but it’s also a time to be thankful. In addition to the Wheel – an inanimate object worthy of it’s capitalization – I’m thankful for (prepare yourself for ubersappiness) Friends. They’re forever. If the Lord’s the Lord of them. I wonder if Smitty used to put BFF at the end of the notes he passed in high school, or did he know even then what life held for him and sign things, BFFITL’sTLOU (If he was writing in the first person I’m guessing the them would become us, hence the U) Maybe one of those notes would read something like this:


Hey Emily, You look really nice today. Lately you’ve been distant – like you’re on a wire balancing your dreams or something. It’s time we get out of rocket town. Would you like to go with me to Lamu, far away? I hope that doesn’t give away my secret ambition. BFFITL’sTLOU, M.W. Smith. (You can call me Smitty.)


At least that’s how I imagine dating Michael W. Smith would be. Not that I’ve ever imagined dating him before but if I did that’s how I’d imagine it. But I haven’t. Ever. Not since I was in like 10th grade at least. But that’s neither here nor there.


I guess what I’m really trying to say is that Jason and Erin are the best and the food was delicious and I want everyday to be thanksgiving. Amen.


Posted: November 26th, 2007
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