Bean Factory, Toddlers, Rock and Roll Tour Etiquette

First of all, last Friday at the Bean Factory was a blast.  The crowd was sparse (where two or three are gathered there Nate Houge will play) but it was all quality.  Really great energy.  It’s weird to talk about the energy that people put off, so I won’t.  Ah heck, why not?  I generally think that sort of talk is hogwash, but if you’ve ever been the focal point of a room full of people you know that they are putting off energy.  Sometimes it’s a neutral, sometimes it’s negative, and sometimes it’s positive, all synched up, harnessed, focused, wanting the best and having  a good time.  Aspiring rockstars take note: you want to harness positive energy.  And get free drinks.

Then yesterday was a great morning for toddler rock.  This fall has been a great time with the pint sized crowd I sing with on Tuesday mornings.  We’ve been doing a few railroad songs which is always a hit.  Fun.

And finally, in 45 minutes I get to hit the road with Jonathan Rundman, Justin Rimbo, and Graham Peterson.  We’ve got a 5 day Nodak tour (with two stops in MN).  

I packed last night and I hit an all time maturity high in the toiletries department.  There was a time I traveled with only a toothbrush and maybe a razor.  Over the years I’ve been adding some things.  Toothpaste.  Patchouli.  Shaving brush. 

But last night I went all out.  Deoderant.  Aspirin.  Ear plugs. Dental Floss. I’ve got a total dad toiletry bag.  It’s all there.  Oh yeah, and I put odor eaters in my Doc Martins.  How rock and roll am I? 

I wonder what Keith Richard’s toiletry bag looks like…

Posted: October 22nd, 2008
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