a week of music

Sunday morning – sunday school christmas program rehearsal

Sunday night – humble walk lutheran church

tuesday am – west seventh family center music and movement class

tuesday pm – 400 bar -fun show crappy night. 

thursday am – home day care music and movement class

friday pm – bean factory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceL8ArNSLr4 – most fun of the week as the video shows we had a lot of participation and guest musicians – harmoncicas, melodicas, accordians, banjo, mandolin, guitar, uke and drum.  party on.

The weird thing about the week was that the 400 bar was the show I was looking the most forward too and yet other than getting to play with other great bands and be loud which I don’t get to do much, it was actually kind of life sucking.  Fun but life sucking.  Is that possible?  The crowd was small but great, the other bands were great and an honor to play with.  But for someone reason the overall night exhausted me.  Meanwhile thursday morning I was playing music at a home day care and we had a blast!  I left with money in my pocket (the opposite of the 400 bar) so practically speaking it was good, but I also left in love with music and so pleased to have spent a half hour singing with people that loved singing along, playing along, and dancing along.  I had a a similar reaction when we left the Bean Factory – we did a christmas set and on jingle bell rock we had a couple dancing in front of the espresso machine.  We had patrons and employees join on the 12 days of christmas and go tell it on the mountain.  It was so fun!  I’m still trying to figure out how this community is formed best around music.  I’m really looking forward to Micah and I’s upcoming tour to the far east (maryland) because we will be playing in a lot of churchy places, which are totally not rock and roll, but totally ripe for group interaction and community creation.  At the same time I’m looking at our Jan 6 show at the fine line and wondering how we can be just as engaging and interactive in that setting as I am with a dozen kids sitting in  a living room.  I’m serious, it may come down to Skip to my Lou.

Mary’s due.  If she doesn’t give up the basketball by thursday they may induce.

e’en so come quick.

sunday morning – christmas pageant ‘performance’

sunday pm – humble walk.

Posted: December 23rd, 2008
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