living the dream

You know the dream where you show up at school only to realize you’ve forgotten to get dressed?  I’m not sure if anybody actually has that dream, or if it’s just one of those dreams people can relate too because of it’s general sucky nature.
My wife (the Reverend) has the clergy version.  She dreams she shows up as a guest preacher only to realize she can’t get her sermon to print and the whole congregation is waiting for her to get the service started.
It’s the one thing you need and it’s the only thing you don’t have.
As a working musician I shlep around a lot of gear.  Sometimes guitars are in stands in the basement, sometimes an amp is at a friends house, most of the time stuff is in its case on a shelf.  I try to keep an organized work space.  Try.

This morning I got back from the bus stop and had 10 minutes to get ready for two preschool music classes.  I was contemplating bringing the banjo along today because I like the kids to experience different instruments, plus we’ve been singing ‘I’ve been working on the railroad’ which has the line ‘strummin’ on the old banjo.’  So I got it out and tuned it and plucked it a bit to see if I could pull it off.  Then I looked at my watch and realized I was running a bit late.  I grabbed my guitar case, put my banjo in it’s case loaded them up on my xtracycle and took off.
My first music class is for 6 super young kids so I just brought the guitar in.  It sounds funny, but I’ve found that banjos can be a bit intimidating for the under 3 crowd.  We sat down in our circle, sang our welcome song and then one of the kids helped me unbuckle the guitar case and open it up.
It was empty.  The one thing I needed was the only thing I didn’t have.  The guitar was at home.  In a stand.  In my basement.
And me?  I was living the dream.

Posted: October 12th, 2010
Categories: music
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