Rock and Roll is alive (and lives in st. paul)

That’s right, the songwriting force that is Nate Houge and Micah Taylor is playing once again at their monthly Bean Factory gig.
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God only knows what Micah will be playing (unless you’re an open theist, in which case God may not know), but we all know it’ll be good.
Me on the other hand?  Well it may not be as good but it is a bit mapped out: 3 older songs, likely peace related, 3 songs from last month (a quiet love song, a country gospel number, and the song I rewrite every 4 years “Nader 2008”)  and then 2 or 3 new songs including a reallly horrible country song with a really long great title, “You Said Your Days of Loving Me Were Over (But You Never Said Nothing ‘Bout the Nights)”
and to top it all off I’ll do a song from my forthcoming kids CD and finally play along as Erik Ritland covers the lovely number, Folkstar. 
So please do come, bring a friend enjoy the great spot that is the Bean Factory, hang out, tip well, and support the local economy.
Or don’t come, it’s a free country.  We can’t force you, we can only be broken hearted that you didn’t show up, and if that’s what you want fine, be that way.
For troubadours the world round,

Posted: October 16th, 2008
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