What they said.

This last weekend I had a chance to play in the Jonathan Rundman band at Shepherd of the (entire) Valley (SOTV) in Apple Valley.  It was a blast.  I got to play lapsteel, mandocaster, telecaster, and banjo and I got to play with Graham Peterson and Matt Pearson.  Graham is a fantastic drummer as you will see when you buy my next album (marketing foundation) and Matt is a tremendous bass player that I played with for the first time but hopefully not the last!

About 5 years ago I worked at SOTV and so one of the bonuses for me was reconnecting with some old friends and seeing some of the kids that I knew before they were cool.  Although even five years ago I had my hunches they would turn out awesome…

I also had a chance to see my friend Sean Johnson on Saturday night who is one of the worship coordinators at SOTV.  I first met Sean when he and my wife were seminary students together and we were all members at Christ Lutheran on Capitol Hill.  Since then we’ve also connected on a few musical endeavors as well as one trip to Fargo to sandbag for the annual 500 year flood.  Sean is one of my church musician heroes.  And wouldn’t you know he’s got a blog?  So rather than read my dribble for the next 10 minutes I’ll cut my already too long entry short and send you off to Sean and friends and their blog-o-rific blog, Old Worship New.

You’re Welcome.

Posted: January 24th, 2011
Categories: music
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