Yonder shines Bill and Muriah


I can’t really blog about the Bill Mallonee concert the other night because I’ll come off as either a psycho fan or a sentimental 14 year old girl. 

But I can say thank you to Bill, Muriah, and Jonathan, Kerns, and Troy for great music, musicianship, and songs.  Sometimes songs (and concerts) hit at just the right time and they perform a little redemptive work that lets you work with your life from a new angle.  I think great music doesn’t just get you through, but it acknowledges what you’re in.  And from that place allows you to see the light.  Jonathan did this with his advent/christmas set which included my favorite ‘this old town tonight’ and bill did it with songs like ‘bank’ and ‘tobacco sunburst.’ so thanks.  And yes, I am 14.

Posted: December 13th, 2007
Categories: music
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