bring it on love

getting ready to record Justin Rimbo, listening to his demos, really enjoying it all, also getting me excited to record with welaware next week, so here’s a demo of a song that i recorded for welaware’s consideration that i think is a bit lacking of something i’m not sure what but it’s got potential, but maybe not enough, so i doubt it’ll show up on the album so i’m not giving anything away, except i’m totally giving this away, and if does show up on the cd, it’ll be really different so that makes it tantalizing – are you you tantalized?

bring it on love

Bring it on love, all to your credit
I love you out loud, there it is, now I said it
Christ bore thorns and mary bore a child,
It€™s a pain to be in love, but your love drives me wild (echo)

Don€™t be cross, not here to crucify
Rhythm in the temple, let the drum testify
You€™re inspired or maybe just manic
Edgy artsy party got the preacher in a panic (echo)

Who cares much in this day and age,
We€™re all fighting to deny the front page,
Politics pray on the prayin€™ politician,
Empty out the white house and fill a soup kitchen (echo)

Posted: March 14th, 2007
Categories: song
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