Could Be Love

Well, tomorrow I beging my Album in a Month adventure.  So to get in the mood I recorded this song today while my daughter was at preschool.  It’s pretty rough, but not bad for a couple hours.  I’d like to mess the mix more but I figure since I’ll be doing 10 more songs in the next 28 days I’ll just enjoy this the way it is.  I wrote the words yesterday at Burger King while my kiddo dominated the play area, the melody came last night after supper and the rest happened a few hours ago.  It makes me excited to write more in the next few weeks.

could be love

Take your best shot, I don€™t mind
Sure I€™ve earned it over time
Check your stance and drop the glove
This could hurt, this could be love

Could be love, could be hate,
Could be hell or heaven€™s gate
Might get kissed, might feel your fist
Bring it on, don€™t make me wait
Could be love, could be hate

Hold your ground, or take your leave,
Wear your heart out on your sleeve
I can€™t tell now from your eyes
What€™s in store for my surprise?

I€™m sure it was love that we first fell in,
Where it€™s at now, there€™s just no tellin€™
I€™ve paid my dues, made my mistakes
But I fear that it€™s too late
Been in love yet I don€™t know
Should I stay or should I go?
Did you pull or did you shove?
This could hurt this could be love


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