Could You Come Back?

 I finished U2 by U2 a couple days ago, thank you Santa Mother in Law.  I was also listening to No other love & Age of Miracles by Chuck Prophet.  Though neither influence may be obvious in this week’s song they both played significant roles.  Could You Come Back is an old song – I remember playing it at Gingko right after I wrote it in a songwriter circle with Matt Patrick – who I didn’t really know at the time and his since become a great friend and inspiration.   I dig the story of the song – derelict disciple – folks like Bono or Brennan Manning, or Kjel Alkire, or Hosea, have these fiery prophetic personalities and it seems thier lust for God is relative to the pull of temptation.  We all want God among us but the hope and hopelessness are equally unbearable at times. 

Could You Come Back?

Could you come back?  Could you return?
Could you tell me that my hope€™s not lost?
Could you come back?  Could you return?
Don€™t tell me that it€™s all for naughtt.

Not ready for this, not ready for the heart to show what I don€™t know
I€™ve been taking way too much in
Not ready for the light to catch everything I€™ve left overgrown
Not ready to pack it up and head home

Been born of sin been worn of death been scorned with alcohol on my breath
I€™m not ready to let this go
Wish I had the strength and the will to quit wish my love weren€™t so sick of this
Wish I€™d admit the pain I know

Could you come back, could you return?
Could you help me?  Cause I know I€™m lost
Could you come back, could you return?
Don€™t tell me that it€™s all for naught

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness

I should note the ending word of the song wasn’t intentional – I just lost count of measures – but it leaves the song open to so much more possibility that I left it that way.

Hope you like it or hate it, Nate.

Posted: January 15th, 2007
Categories: song
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