on the information minimum maintenance road again.

In the last 4 months since moving back to St. Paul I’ve averaged less than 2 hours a week online.  Tonight we’re staying at a hotel with wi-fi and it’s the first chance I’ve had to do anything like update my flickr site or do any little stuff to this site like add my cousin Cyndee to the blogroll – something I’ve been meaning to do for about a year.  Micah recently updated my version of wordpress and gave things a facelift and for this we can all be thankful.  And now as I lay in a phat king size bed (seriously – the bed is the size of our entire bedroom at home) I’m thinking about how technology is ever so nice and how utterly time sucking and annoying it remains. 

Ever so nice – I get to read blogs, see pictures of tall bikes, learn how to speed up open office, get booking info for tours that never happen, and send e-mail to my brother in China and my parents in Kenya.

Utterly time sucking and annoying – There’s alway more to do.  For example I could’ve taken the time to put a link with each of the above examples.  It wouldn’t have taken me long to do it, but then you’d be off day dreaming about tall bikes, or wondering how it is my brother blogs in Chinese, or maybe even what it’d be like to book me. (I can answer that one – it’s expensive and emotionally draining – but deeply rewarding all the same).  Even my lame blathering about technology is evidence of it’s suckyness.  And proof of my annoyance.

You know what else is annoying?  Apparently my Sportos are.  12 years ago when I moved to MN I bought a pair of winter boots.  Having lived in CA and West Africa most of my life with brief stints in MO and NE and even briefer stints in OK, TX, and OH, I had never owned winter boots before and I thought they were kind of geeky.  In the last 5+ years I’ve put function over fashion in most areas of my life, including footwear.  And now, after nearly 8 years of wedded bliss my bride has decided it’s time to reveal her true feelings concerning my cold weather friends.  How bad is it?  She won’t even let me wear them to church anymore.  And I quote, “Nate, wearing your sporto’s to Christmas Eve Service is tacky.”  Though I appreciate her referring to them by their full name, ‘sporto’s’ I’m appalled that she finds them tacky and unfit for a service ending in candle light, lighting in which no one will be able to identify my feet in the first place.  And anyways, shouldn’t we all be focusing on a certain baby in a manger, not our neighbor’s footwear?  I was about to go to the trouble of linking to Sporto’s homepage to prove to my billions of readers out there how legitimately cool my dear sportsters are but alas, in the last 12 years apparently Sporto has switched over to only making women’s boots.

That’s even more annoying than technology.  Although, if I didn’t spend the time googling the brand of my boots I would’ve avoided all this.  Instead I took you down with me!  Sucka!  Merry Christmas all the same.  If you’re lucky (and a girl) maybe Santa will bring you some Sporto’s.

Posted: December 23rd, 2007
Categories: technology, travel
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