glad i didn't buy it.

this is the book i’m reading.  so far, two chapters into it, i remain torn.  call me natalie ‘noxema’ imbruglia. 

cynical nate says, “how lame. rich well educated majority has issues over whether or not hair cuts are necessities, and doesn’t bat an eye at purchasing insulin for the diabetic cat.  don’t get me wrong i’ve heard the whole ‘judge a society by how they treat their pets,’ but give me a freakin’ break.  solution: let the cat play in the street, go to the humane society and get another cat (trust me, we’re not running out of them anytime soon) and let it feed on the mice around your house in vermont or your apartment in brooklyn.  that’s right the author has two homes with her partner.  there’s a necessity if i ever saw one.  another time she gets all anxious about borrowing wax for her ski’s because the wax got left in one of the other 2 cars (total 3) that these two own.  and she bumbles over this dilema for the entire 25 miles she’s driving to go to a place to cross country ski.  Admirably they’ve given up processed and prepared food.  Luckily, they can afford to shop at co-ops and purchase lemon grass and organic tofu.  I, cynical nate, hope to God that something changes as this book continues, ’cause right now its pathetic.

 tune in later for the idealists take on things.

Posted: May 30th, 2007
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