a whole lot of grease

today was good, but greasy

shorty woke up way early and wanted to go to church.  that’s good right?  except for she was dressed and ready to go by 7 am and we were meeting here grandparents at the 10 o’clock service.  oh well, to casa de God we go.

by the nature of my wife’s vocation we find ourselves spending a lot of time running around church, getting to church early, and leaving late.  that’s all part of the job, but it’s a boring part for some of us tagalongs.  so the whole voluntary early arrival was a little less than appealing to me.  to put it off i decided to iron a shirt.  stellar.  than we decided to ride the bike to church.  sweet.  despite my slow moving we still got there in time for the 8:15 service.  of course, wee fundy wasn’t about the going into church as much as she was about the being at church.  so as church raged madly on and jodi shot fire and brimstone for the quivering pulpit we played with her lego stash in the fellowship hall.  why we couldn’t do this at home in the comfort of our own pajamas while listening to ani and drinking real coffee is beyond me.  but we made it through the early service, feasted on refined sugar and the rural favorite dark bread with cheeze whiz during coffee hour, and dug into the late service with my favorite in-laws.  and here comes grease #1.

Grease #1 (don’t say I didn’t warn you)

We went out for lunch at a nearby restaurant and I had a buffalo chicken wrap that was one of the tastiest things i’ve ever eaten.  and it came with fries.  the rest of the table upgraded to onion rings – and this place gives delicious and generous portions of onion rings.  in fact i would’ve ordered them myself, but i know present company well enough by now that i could safely order french fries with ranch dressing and still get in on onion rings when everyone else realized they couldn’t finish them.  i was totally right.  but i had underestimated how many i would haul in.  i probably had 20 too many onion rings. and then jodi dropped me off at church and i rode my bike home, and finished some writing and was getting ready for Grease #2 (details to follow) when i got a horrible stomach ache.  revenge of the frier!  oy.  next time stop at 19 you fool!  but honestly, no regrets.

Grease #2 (here are the following details)

we ditched the kid at some friends at around 4 and headed off to the Battle Lake High School for their performance of the musical Grease.  now allow me to be honest.  how do i put this?  i freakin’ hate musicals.  dumb songs to tell dumb stories over a stupid long amount of time.  but thats just me.  apparently there are a lot of people that love musicals ’cause this was the third night in a row they sold out.  who knew?  i just assumed when i heard we were going to a musical that it was by default going to be a private screening because really, who the heck goes to play where they sing all the lines? but no, these things have really started to catch and people are eating it up.  i gotta admit that despite being such a hater, these kids did a tremendous job.  we had a bunch of kids from church in it and they did amazing, the 9th grade drummer (lil nate) who’s as tall as i am kicked butt in the pit band.  the lead characters 99% of the time nailed their songs.  everything about it was over the top impressive.  including the fact that half our congregation was there to support the kids!  freakin’ awesome.  you can’t beat a small town when it comes together to pull off something like this .  the lumberyard donated all the set lumber and the local auto body place totally did a number on a golf cart to make into a 57 chevy.  how fun is that?

so yes, today was a very greasy day. but dog gone it, my cholesterol is worth it.

and no, you don’t need to send me tickets to your musical, i assure you this was a fluke.

Posted: April 15th, 2007
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