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as if my hair weren’t interesting enough, this morning we went to the hatchery and saw literally millions of walleye eggs and watched how they caught the walleye and harvested said eggs. go dnr go. 

today was sunny and beautiful.  in fact today is the first day that i would say the ice is out on ottertail lake.  some may have said yesterday but i say today because yesterday was gross and overcast and not a fit day to say the ice was out.  i’ve been thinking the baby would come in days like this – all wrapped up in the warmth of new life.  i fixed a screen door today.  vaccumed again and again.  cleaned up in general.  cursed windows vista while trying to get my camera to befriend our new laptop that runs the os of which i will no longer speak the name aloud lest its power grow.  i finished a great book – eleanor rigby by douglas coupland.  it was supposed to be the book i read in the hospital but i’ve always been an over acheiver…

i need to repack my bag.  double check all the electronic gadgetry i’ll be using to inform the world of baby’s birth.  i filled up the tank.  i need to double check the phone numbers of everyone i’ll be calling and make sure i know how to call my folks in kenya on the cell phone. i need to stop pacing. take a shower. decide on what to wear to the hospital. go read stories to lydia.  remember to pack a mug – it greatly increases your chances of free coffee everywhere you go and even starbucks will knock 10 cents off, but you sometimes have to remind them.  i’ve been pacing alot lately… all this nervous energy.  daddyhood part deaux.

Posted: April 23rd, 2007
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