August 23, 2006

I nearly finished the music for my friends video short €˜play-dough-a-constrictor€™ which is a 5 minute video of her son making a snake out of playdough, it turning into a real snake, and then chasing him around a playground.  It€™s a fun fast paced and super creative video – one of many that she€™s made, but only the first that I€™ve gotten to meddle with.  So now I give her the music, she syncs stuff up and tells me what she wants changed, and before you know it, it€™s on you tube.  It€™s been a lot of fun – I used a ton of sample so that I could work on it when my daughter was asleep, but my drums made their premier, as did my daughter yelling, €˜GO! GO! GO!€™  Once this is done I pack up the studio and box it up for Battle Lake.  Ah, transition. yuck.

Posted: August 23rd, 2006
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