church in all its fullness, high ceilings, and unreasonableness

today elsa, lydia, and myself sat through an entire church service without leaving the sanctuary once.  Jodi did it too, but in a big seat up front.  That seems to easy, but we’ll give her credit all the same.

 yesterday i helped a friend drywall the cieling of his garage.  it’s a 12 foot ceiling and he bought 12 foot lengths of drywall.  today my neck is sore. and so is my left calf.  (not to be confused with the calf i have left) (because i don’t have any calves left)  (at least not of the bovine variety) (i do still have my right calf of the ligament variety)

and last night i watched the nader movie ‘an unreasonable man’  i love that guy.  it gave a nice background of him and all his watchdogedness and spent a lot of time on the 2000 election and a little on the 2004 election.  i think everyone should see this movie.  if you’re a fan of nader you’ll love it.  if you’re a democrat that thinks ralph’s a spoiler you should watch it to motivate you to get your lame duck party in motion, and if you’re a republican you should watch it because even though you’re a republican i like to think there’s hope for you yet. 

i still think nader’s the most christ like candidate we’ve had for president in the last two elections. 

i’ve been pretty deliberate about not looking into the 08 election candidates (not unlike my choosing to not sing christmas songs during advent) but if he hasn’t announced his bid yet, i hope to see nader run again.  and if he’d hook up with the greens, all the better.

peace out my grassroot hippy redneck friends! hope i (didn’t) tick you off!

Posted: July 29th, 2007
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