Evolution Debunked.

Last night I was reading Kathleen Norris’s book on acedia and my wandered off.   It’s a great book and the fact that I was having trouble caring about a few of the passages may be evidence of my need to read such a work.

So my minds wandering off and my hand touches that place at the base of your neck where they stick tubes for tracheotomies and I thought to myself, “If evolution is so cool why didn’t it cover this up with something?  I could totally poke myself here and potentially die.  I’ve seen Bruce Lee do it.”  Then I thought, “Again if evolution is so great why do our bones still break?  Why do we stop evolving?”  And then I carried the thought into more practical matters.  Who hasn’t dreamed of flying?  Wouldn’t it be great to fly?  Why haven’t we evolved into flying creatures?  Don’t you want to fly?

When posing these questions to my wife she pointed out that humans used to be smaller, hairier, and unable to talk.

Really?  That’s what we’re so jazzed about?  Over the course of the last billion years we’ve grown bigger, less hairy, and can communicate with words?  Us and dolphins. 

I’m so unimpressed with evolution at this point.  Give me creation any day.  Now that’s freakin’ cool.  And way more believable.  Seriously, I’m so much more likely to believe that God created the world in 7 days than us growing less hairy over a billion years. 

Somedays I’m so regressive it hurts.  Hurts so good.

Posted: November 12th, 2008
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