Friday is for Folk. And Fizza!

Well folks, tonight’s the epic show to be at the Bean Factory.  I suppose you’ve already got it highlighted on your calendars and what not.  Micah uses this thing call fracebook (i think it’s actually called facebook, but calling it fracebook gives it a certain frenetic energy lacking without the added r.).  I’m guessing in fracebook he’s already invited a good 6 or 7 billion close and personal albeit virtual friends.  The place should be virtualy packed.  I’m not knocking Micah, at least he’s got pictures of all his virtual friends.  Mine are all kind of invisible.  Dare I say imaginary?

But it’s also fizza night!  What’s Fizza?  It’s pizza with an f.  It was either that or Priday is for Polk.  Dangerously close to Polka and we all know that’s the devil’s music.  With it suggestive tuba and sultry clarinets.  Not to mention it’s pention for beer.  Barrels and barrels of beer.  Drink up Beelzebub.  If I ever slip to the dark side I’m totally opening a polka bar and it’ll be called BeelzePub. 

I’m excited for fizza night.  I wonder what will be on my pizza?  Oh the mystery!  The intrigue!  The new dough recipe!  So daring!  So… so… so…

Posted: September 19th, 2008
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