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I made the ride from fargo to grand forks.  it was a bit of a disaster.  i took highway 81 which is a totally straight and narrow, shoulder free, poorly kept highway that seems to only attract semi’s carrying sugar beets, and one idiot on a bike.  I spent way too much time gripping the edge of the road as the curteous drivers of scary large 18 wheelers did thier best to accomodate me.  by the time i got to grand forks i was fried.  my shoulders were crazy tense, my right calf beet red,  (and i know how red those beets can be), and my arse was in so much pain that i named it partway through the ride to make the conversations i was having about it in my head a little more interesting.  Gunthar.  I pronounce it GOON-thore. (oddly similar to glute soar)  So in grand forks i gave my father in law a ring who was actually leaving fargo at the time and who’s home in walhalla was my destination and i asked him to pick me up at the starbucks where the iced drinks were ventifull.

so if you’re doing the math, this means my 3 day trip only took 2 days.  but i’m totally okay with that.  i’m not sure if i could’ve made the last day physically, but mentally i was kind of shot – i didn’t need any more time on the road with semis and combines.

i’m at the church right now where i just got done with a rough mix of my father in laws gospel quartet, border harmony.  i recorded them two days ago and wanted to give them an idea of how things turned out before i left – it’s a pretty fun cd.

also in walhalla i’ve had fun helping my brother in law’s family move (i’m so sick of moving!), cleaning out a garage, and mounting antlers onto the front of my mother in law’s bicycle that jodi rides around when we’re here.  it looks pretty sweet as you can imagine, but it does require that you wear orange when you take it out.  anything with antlers is fair game in these parts. 

sure shootin, tex.

Posted: August 29th, 2007
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