Is that burning an eternal flame?

Why yes it is.  And I can’t help but notice that Jesus and I are looking in opposite directions.  Let’s not read too deep into that okay?  Or, if you must, take into account that we’re both looking left.  All right then.

This shot was taken by my brother in law Rodney last Wednesday at Glyndon Lutheran Church in Glyndon MN – just east of Moorhead.

I had the distinct pleasure of playing a ton of music in western MN last week.  Sunday morning and Wednesday night at Glyndon Lutheran, Sunday night at Zion of Amor, Tuesday night with a group of Moorhead area clergy and musicians, and then on Wednesday I met with a group of seventh graders before school (we wrote a song) (it was hardcore),  lead 30 some preschoolers in a morning devotion and sing-a-long and then did an after school devotion and sing-a-long for elementary age kids.  Top that off with the aforementioned Glyndon Wednesday night service and a drive home to St. Paul and you’ve got yourself one tired Nate!

But man, it was great.  I was graciously hosted by Rod and then Jeni and Collin Grangaard.  I got to see so many great folks from Zion of Amor that I haven’t seen in 4 years.  I enjoyed the quiet and free wireless of the Fargo library where I finished a sparkhouse writing deadline.  I made pizza with the Grangaards, accused Jay Beech of jaywalking (he acted like no one had yelled that at him before) met a bunch of great great youth, and heard the stories of area clergy.  This is all very hopeful stuff people!!!

So thank you all for supporting artist such as myself – when you hire folks like me, or Jonathan, or Dave, or Rachel, or Tay, you not only support art, you support the church by giving us opportunities to share your stories wherever we go and together, being part of God’s redeeming work.  Thank You!

And you’re also supporting seventh graders co-writing songs in the last seven minutes of their 8am confirmation class:

“On Noodle Encroachment and Wishful Revenge”

I’ve got a garden, it’s got the flowers
But noodles are coming, and they have the powers
Noodles are coming, noodles are coming, noodles are coming, we’re all going to die!!!

I fear for my flowers, their life is so fragile
I hope they escape, dear flowers be agile!
Noodles are coming, noodles are coming, noodles are coming, we’re all going to die!!!

My flowers are dead, the noodles have won
But if we are patient, the sauce will come
The sauce is coming, the sauce is coming, the sauce is coming, the noodles will die!!!

Posted: April 11th, 2011
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