oh must you?

Many great things have been happening as of late.  I’ve recorded a bunch, recieved great CDs, am now Nora Abenth’s godfather, played music with the official Nora’s Baptism Band, featuring Martin Marty, Bill Singsaas, and the Abenth brothers.  Yes, life’s been good.  And on top of all this merriment I had a bit of a revalation while washing my hands at Caribou coffee in Alexandria, MN.  As I was reaching for the paper towels I noticed the sign “Employees must wash hands.”  Oh crap.  What if they caught me washing my own hands?  Would they take my latte away?  Why did I take the initiative?  If only I’d seen the sign earlier I could’ve walked up to the counter and had one of the nice baristas wash my hands, but now here I had gone and taken the job on myself!  I don’t know if I was infracting union code at this point or what, but needless to say I was a nervous wreck.  I ran through the options.  Make a run for it and hope they didn’t catch me, Admit that I had done their work for them, or Pee again and pretend I had never washed…

I remorsefully approached the barista and admitted my fault.  She looked disgusted and turned away.  I meekly recieved my latte and vowed that henceforth only employees would wash my hands.  Forgive me Caribou.  Forgive me.

Posted: February 14th, 2007
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