On Gates Complex and Wild

I preached tonight on John 10:1-10.  Not ’cause I’m a preacher but ’cause I was asked to share about my time in Guatemala.  A few friends wanted to hear it but couldn’t make it so here it is in all of it’s PDF beauty.

On Gates Complex and Wild

There are a few inside jokes that make more sense if you’re a regular at Humble Walk.  And I’m guessing the facts aren’t exact, but they are as I remember them.  If you’re not familiar with ELCA church structure – Synods are big groups of churches sorted by region and anyone coming from Chicago is coming from the main church wide office.

Hope it makes sense.  Hope you enjoy.

And if you’re one to time things (Mary, Marc, and Alicia) it clocked in at 12:38 seconds.

Posted: May 15th, 2011
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