finished packing up the house, moving everything to storage, and cleaning the house last night at 8pm. slept at friends. woke up said goodbye to my family and my minivan, got on my bike and started my 80 mile ride to fargo. i only have 23 feet to go. I’m in moorhead at atomic coffee drinking a latte and eating chocolate and staring at amazement at my thighs and how much pain they are in, a pain rivaled only by that of my posterior. ow.

the ride in brief: amor to rothsay – hilly but fine, cool weather and a healthy dose of optimism.

lunch in rothsay – with that healthy dose of optimism still very present i rewarded my first 40 miles with a huge mushroom swiss burger and fries. they were delicious. they were my death.

rothsay to barnsville – the wind picked up and i quickly learned why power bar hasn’t gone into the burger business. my stomach was lead. really sick lead. i cursed my optimism and contemplated calling my brother in law for a ride. yes dear reader this indeed was my darkest hour.

barnsville to atomic coffee – i walked around a bp in barnesville and had a cup of coffee and took a 15 minute rest. this helped. and yippee the wind had stopped! and been replaced with rain. I put on my yellow jacket of inspiration and headed out on old 52, which until sabin, was a totally ill-maintained road and i may point out has succesfully knocked my rear wheel out of true, or as mr. may would say, ‘wonky.’

atomic coffee to ? – i’m no fortune teller, but i do have a plan. i’m going to finish my latte, get out in the drizzle and find my brother in laws work place. i’ll walk in and scare everyone away with my practical albeit unflattering biker shorts and rod and i will find a bike store to true my wheel, a place to eat anything but mushroom swiss burgers, a shower and a bed. my bedtime is 8pm. i’m shot. then in the morning i’ll decide if i’m heading on to grand forks or hitching a ride with my (favorite) father in law who godblesshim has an appointment in fargo tomorrow morning.

now i’m going to stand up.

ow. ow. ow.

Posted: August 21st, 2007
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