Pedestrian Rage.

Last night I stopped for 2 kids in the crosswalk, as is the law in MN. Then I looked in the rearview mirror and watched as the man in the minivan behind me rear ended me. I could tell it was going to happen because when I first saw him approaching his eyes were looking to his right at the cafe he was passing. Not at the car he was following.

And I only say that because…
Because he was an idiot.

I’m fine, Jodi’s truck is fine, it could have been worse and all that.

This morning I was approaching a crosswalk on my own two feet. There was a car waiting to make a left turn. We made eye contact so I knew she was aware of me and my forward movement. A car on the cross street kept her from turning, so I entered the crosswalk. Two steps from stepping in front of her car she saw a break in traffic, looked at me again and gunned it. Had I not been paying attention (looking at the cafe to my right for example) I would’ve been clipped by the back of her car.
I probably should’ve let it go.
But instead I punched her car. Hard.
She honked.
I waved, but in such a hurried manner that I may or may not have had time to completely extend all of my fingers… I’m sure I got at least one up though…
It was justifiable anger on my part.
But man, sometimes I act like an idiot.
And I’m only saying that because…

Walk safe. And watch out for the idiots. (That’s us.)

Posted: March 19th, 2012
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