photo update

the recording is going well.  It’s been a little frantic trying to squeeze any free time into the studio and as a result it’s a bit of a mess, so as my daughter falls asleep (theoretically) next door, I’m wrapping cords and cleaning house.  I sadly won’t have a second in here till Monday – but happily for very good reasons.  I’m gonna be a godfather!

Here’s the floor halfway through the clean up

key floor 


my ultra technical mic’ing technique – it’s really a zen approach – if you toss the mic near the source it will find it’s place over time. 

kick mic

I need to work on the camera angle, but Micah pointed out to me that my drum set up is curiously similar to those on Pedro’s It’s hard to find a friend album cover.

its hard to find a drum

and finally, a gift from Jason Moran – he gave me two and I thought I gave the working one to Micah, but a couple weeks ago Micah told me he tried it on some drums and he couldn’t get a signal, so I pulled this one out and whatdayaknow?  It sounds pretty much how it looks – but maybe looks can be decieving… as is the DEVIL, suckers!!!  That’s right brothers and sisters the devil is coming to git you, so gird up befar his deception befalls you!!!  Oh, and look, this microphone feels it’s source to be the notebook.  Lion and lamb, mic and notes, we are all one peoples, we are all one.

ev desk





Posted: February 7th, 2007
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