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Monday night I played a little rock and roll with Rachel Kurtz at the Cokato Corn Carnival

Micah took a few shots http://micahtaylor.com/MT/photoblog/

It went really well – I’ll sum up quickly

No rain during show (always good during an outdoor event)

Discovered Lap steel + tube screamer sounds great through acoustic amp which meant i could do mandolin, banjo and steel all throught the same amp, a wonderful back saving discovery!

Craig Dion on drums, Michael May on guitar, Micah Taylor on bass, Rachel Kurtz up front – What a freaking talented group – it’s also the first time I’ve played with the same rachel kurtz band twice (we had the same band in lacrosse back in february/march sometime)

Was able to pass off 4 acoustic guitars, a mandolin, a banjo, two electrics and a tiple as well as a hodge podge of thumb pianos, chinese flutes, rain sticks and chimes to Micah who took them back to Mpls and will store them for me till we move the end of this month which means no leaving instruments in hot storage bins or moving trucks.  God bless you Micah the moving man Taylor! (and lindsay for going along with it all)

Drove through the worst lightning storm of my life on the way home.  For 20 minutes the sky was strobing to the point that my wipers looked like they were in slo-mo and for a few minutes lightning was hitting the ground around me every 5-10 seconds with blinding flashes and instantaneous thunder.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been freaked out driving through bad weather.  Luckily I was following a semi so it was okay that I couldn’t see the road, I just followed his tail lights.

Above I lived to tell the story of my rock and roll adventure.

and while i was gone little elsa rolled over for the first time. growth happens.

Posted: August 15th, 2007
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