snow, finally.

I was pretty convinced that al gore was right and that global warming had done got the best of us.  But you can never trust those democrats.  We got like 8 inches of snow last night – score!  It’s March and it’s snowed 3 times this winter and this was the first time I had to shovel.  So don’t worry kids everything is normal.  This is just how our parents remember MN winters. 

Here’s a free tip to stay at home parents everywhere – get out of the house.  My daughter, and I’m not naming names here, had a terrible morning, as kids sometimes do.  I ground the coffee without closing a door between her and I and that was my cardinal sin that set her off.  She hates the coffee grinder.  So she layed down and bemoaned my actions for like 1/2 an hour.  Usually you can distract the kid and all is forgotten, sometimes you can try a time out (usually makes things worse and the only pleasure I get out of it feels a little guilty which is never a good sign of necessary discipline).  Anyways so it went from crying about the grinder to the amount of cereal she got to not finding the shirt she wanted.  Jodi had to head off to work – I’m amazed she didn’t leave earlier – and I was going nuts so I put on my snow stuff, told her to cowgirl up, and headed outside to shovel our driveway which is way too long.  I checked in on her 5 minutes later, and though still whimpering, she was getting her snow stuff on.  I helped her get it on, we got outside and spent the next hour and a half having a blast playing in the snow.  Now we’re back inside, she’s drinking hot cocoa and making baseball cards with her picture on them and is having enough fun that she doesn’t care that I’m blogging.  It went from a horrible morning to a fantastic morning, and you know why?  We got out of the house.  So there’s your free tip of the day.  And here’s a photo from Lydia’s baseball card.

lydia's baseball card

She’s a natural, like her old man.

play ball!

Posted: February 24th, 2007
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