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tons has happened in the last few days – but because i’m exhausted i’ll keep it short.  Thursday i finished that book i was blogging about, final consensus: it’s all right, it made me think about my consuming habits and that’s good.

friday morning we headed down to the cities.  It was our pastor’s last sunday at church before heading off to Phd land so we were glad to be at our home congregation.  I helped out with the music and ‘lead’ 6 other way talented musicians through the service.  We had a quick practice saturday morning and sunday morning went great.  the service was 2 hours long in our unairconditioned sanctuary.  Not many lutheran congregations would have the guts to pull that off.  and the potluck afterwards had everything from open face danish sandwiches (their name escapes me) to fried rice, to krumkaka (totally not how it’s spelled, but its that nowegian cookie castle thing… you know like at our wedding…) that ethiopian flat bread (ingale?) i love my international church.  we got to see a ton of friends over the weekend as well whether over a meal or sleeping at their house or playing in a park.  It was busy and wonderful.  We also stopped by our house that is currently being rented out and put in the window air conditioners for our beloved renters.  We were all a bit homesick being in our old neighborhood and stopping by our favorite parks and coffee shop.

And now we’re back and Jodi’s back at church on a kind of flex/fulltime schedule that allows her to take elsa with her for bits of time as elsa continues to adjust to bottles and their finite ways.  Lydia started swimming lessons which is awesome.  She’s the youngest and probably most cautious in the class but I’m so proud of her.  I gripe a lot about my inadequate stay at home parenting abilities but I want to make it clear that I couldn’t ask for better kids.  I absolutely love my little girls.

Today marked a first for me – I began my sourdough bread starter.  I’ve been baking a lot more since moving here and I’ve been wanting to make sourdough bread (my favorite) for a while and so I finally took the small step of creating the starter that will get sour in the next few days and then be added to my first adult attempt at making sourdough bread (i tried once in high school but wasn’t patient enough to wait till the starter was sour.  kind of defeats the purpose eh?)

in case you were wondering, you are loved.

Posted: June 5th, 2007
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