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I just added a new page to the website: Writ

Though my website is primarily to promote my music and convince my Mom that being a performing songwriter is a real job, I thought I’d add some of my writing to it.  Because it’s also true that the singer/songwriter gig is not my only job.  I also write for Augsburg Fortress and Sparkhouse.  Yesterday I was putting away some comp copies of the most recent Spark curriculum I had contributed to and realized, “Holy cow, I’ve done a lot of writing!”  So I dumped out all the comp copies I could find and took this photo.  There are a couple things that aren’t in there like the Green Tree Game book that I can’t find and the Re:form Ancestors Anti-Workbook which will be coming out soon.   Writing for Augsburg has been and continues to be a great experience and discipline.  And it comes with editors.  I’m incredibly thankful for editors.

It’s also fun to play music in so many Lutheran churches where they’re also using curriculum that I wrote.  I always want to say creepy things like, “This is my first time here but I’ve been in your children’s classrooms all year long without them even knowing it!”

But I don’t say that and as a result I usually get paid.  And every now and again, asked back.  That’s the level of professionalism I try to maintain.

I’m starting to think this post could’ve used an editor.

Posted: July 18th, 2011
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