The triathlon was a success if i do say so myself, and i did, and it was, and i’ll stand by my claim.

we had a delayed start thanks to lighting (lightning + lake = dead), but the delay allowed me time to eat a whole wheat bagel with honey (smart), a bowl of shredded mini-wheats (wheat is healthy) a blueberry muffin (berries are heallthy) and a custard filled donut (calcium?) John and I finished at two hours which was my goal and the others came in under 3 hours, which was there goal.  I don’t really know if they had a goal, but I think if they did it would’ve been that and so way to go, they met their goal.  (Hi goal, I’m Nate, nice to meet you)

anyways, we all slept good that night and woke up pain free.  As a bonus Jason took one of our cars back to the cities for us loaded up with a pain to pack crap like 4′ T squares and odd shaped art and stuff.  Way to go Jason, thanks for helping with the move.

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