Walhalla ND The Other Windy City

On Thursday I biked from Grafton ND to Walhalla ND. It was a more demanding ride than expected but I averaged about 15 mph which surprised and pleased me. It was a little windy but for the most part the wind was in my favor. The downside was that the wind kept me dry and I totally underestimated how dehydrated I was. I drank half a gallon of orange juice and water before going to bed and still barely had to pee the next morning… (Too much info?)So I took a day off the bike and drank a lot of fluids and went out for what was supposed to be a short 7 mile loop. But I missed my turn. Not a big deal ’cause I was cruising! I felt great, my legs felt great my butt felt great (Yes, Nate, too much info.) After a while I thought I’d try and find a new way back to Walhalla and made a right on a gravel road. Instantly I realized why up to this point I had felt so great. I had 20 miles an hour of wind pushing me along. Not anymore. Now it was pushing me off the road. Eventually I hit Highway 1 and made a second right turn. Directly into the wind and 3 miles of climbing in my future. I was in my lowest gear, pedaling hard and though I have no speedometer on my bike I’m guessing I was barely going 3mph. Some of the big gusts pushed me off the road. It became a very long ride. My legs hurt, my butt hurt and I think I spent the last hour never once riding perpendicular to the road. But hey, I got to ride my bike so no complaints.

Posted: April 10th, 2010
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