14 December 2009

Live From Bethlehem

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Insert a manger, Ben Houge on Piano, Graham Peterson on Drums, Justin Rimbo on Bass, and me with guitar and that’s what Trinity Lutheran in Jeffers MN looked like on Saturday night. 

The altar area was all set up for Sunday morning’s christmas program which made for a fun backdrop for a great night of music and conversation.  We were welcomed graciously and fed well by this incredibly giving congregation.  I had met the Meier family from Jeffers at Outlaw Ranch last summer and when I was looking for a place to play they took us in whole heartedly!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After playing we drove on to Sioux Falls staying with Pr. Jeff Sorenson’s family – thankfully they were still up to show us to our beds when we arrived.  Sunday morning we did a bit during the service at Messiah New Hope and then did a full concert after a delicious meatball lunch.  Oh, and did I mention there was a bakesale?  Helloooo lefse!  Once again, it was the sunday of the christmas program so once again we played around the manger.  There were a handful of members from the congregation that I had met back in October while leading music at a ELCA Region 3 event.  It was good to see these new friends once again and see what had been percolating in the congreagation since last we met. 

Thank you to these congregations and so many others that support the arts and allow folks like myself to continue doing what we do.  And of course thanks to Ben, Graham, and Justin, nothing beats travelling and working with people you love!

Now I’m going to bunker down and await the Christ child.  If you need me I’ll be by the fireplace.  Happy Advent from Bethlehem to you.

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